The distinctively Nordic new apartment building at Madli 1 is located in the Kitseküla district, which has a long and fascinating history. Local residents see Kitseküla as an increasingly attractive, open and diverse place to live.

Until the mid-19th century, the area was home to nothing more than inns dotted along a dusty road and a few summer manors with green gardens. The area was named after the goats that grazed in its meadows (Kitseküla translating as ‘village of goats’). Although these pastures and herds have long since disappeared from the area, the district is still known for its greenery.

Your new home is surrounded by a secure courtyard, low-rise buildings and verdant landscaping, all of which combine to create a quiet, cosy, small-town feel.


There is a playground in the yard for the little ones, and the wooded area next to the building is the perfect place for children of all ages to let their imagination run wild.

Nearly all of the apartments come with loggias or terraces ideal for starting the morning, doing yoga or simply getting some fresh air and a bit of peace and quiet.

The neighbourhood has everything you need for everyday life: schools, kindergartens, public transport, gyms, supermarkets, health centres, cafés and restaurants.

The city centre itself is just a stone’s throw away. Say goodbye to annoying traffic jams, as the easiest way to get to the city is to hop on a scooter or simply take a short, invigorating walk.



Madli 1 is like a Nordic gem with its intriguing façade and diverse layouts.

The building has five separate entrances, creating the feeling of a cosy little home in every stairwell.

The apartments are as functional as possible to make living in them comfortable and stress-free: a place you can share with family and friends, enjoying moments together and having conversations that stretch into the wee hours.


You can opt for smaller or larger 2- or 3-room apartments to find just the right home for you. The 4-room family apartments extend from one side of the building to the other, enjoying views in a number of directions. Some of the apartments include saunas as well as utility rooms for added value, with room for a washing machine, dryer and other household essentials.

Parking is available in the enclosed car park under the building and in the courtyard. Easily accessible storage rooms are also available. You can leave your bicycle in the shared bicycle rooms under the building or in your own private storage room.



The new apartment building features distinctly Scandinavian architecture while fitting perfectly into the surrounding urban landscape. The architects at PLUSS are experienced and recognised creators who understand that every building and district has a unique soul, story, character and history. The solution centres on a detailed building structure, both functionally and structurally, while cohesion with the surroundings is at the core of the project. As such, the intention is to preserve the appearance of the historic district by developing and complementing it with a new building.

The new building is intended to reflect the values of its time while bringing them forward into the future.


Every building has its own look – inviting entrances with cosy wood panelling and façades covered in different shades of plaster.

The apartment building at Madli 1 incorporates modern solutions that help protect the environment and save energy. The building has an energy rating of A and solar panels on the roof.

The rooms are sunny and the triple-glazed wood-aluminium windows are energy-efficient and reduce noise from the street. The apartments feature energy-efficient underfloor heating, which can be adjusted for each room. The interior finishing packages feature natural, healthy materials matched to carefully conceived designs.

The apartment building at Madli 1 is fitted with a smart home solution to give you remote control over your home via an app, e.g. to open the door, adjust the heating or track consumption.

Modern, energy-efficient solutions guarantee lower utility costs, leaving future residents with more money to spend on their hobbies and leisure time.


AS Oma Ehitaja, a construction company with extensive experience in the development of residential property, has built new homes for hundreds of satisfied families. We have established a flexible and growing organisation which acts swiftly and accurately in serving its clients.

Our trademarks are quality, reliability and a focus on the client. Over the years we have become the leading experts in real estate and project development. We handle all aspects of property development, from preparing detailed plans to sales and warranty services.

We always consider the interests and needs of our clients, our team and the environment, regardless of the nature or purpose of the building being constructed.  All of our projects are carefully designed down to the tiniest detail to introduce exciting new solutions to urban spaces that are timeless, functional and in harmony with their surroundings. Take a closer look at all of our works HERE

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